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Q. How long have I been blowing glass?

A. Twelve years and I still get a large charge out of it.

Q. What type of glass do you use?

A. The glass that is pulled out of a furnace is soft glass and has a much lower melting temperature than the glass that I work with, which starts out as tubes and solid rods of glass. Borosilicate is hard glass...Pyrex is one brand of boroslilcate, but I use Simax, which is a finer product and blows out more evenly.

Q. How hot does the glass get during the process?

A. Borosilicate has a much higher melting temperature than soft glass; it doesn't start to melt until over 1,000 degrees and it is quite durable for being glass.

I use borosilicate glass colors on the outside of each piece and the inside is fumed with 24K gold.

Q. What tools do you use?

A. I use a torch with propane for the fuel and oxygen for the accelerant. I work under a fume hood with a large exhaust fan. There are relatively few women blowing glass because it takes tremendous upper body strength and stamina.

Q. What is fuming?

A. Fuming is a process of applying gold to the glass. I pick up a 1/8" piece of 24Kgold wire on the end of a molten glass rod and hold it in front of a really oxydizing (hot as I can get it) flame. Then I hold the piece in front of that. As the gold approaches the boiling point it begins to vaporize onto the piece. The gold I use must be absolutely pure. Any impurity or alloy will result in a greenish look instead of the gold look I want.

Q. What is if final step in the process of creating your artwork?

A. Each piece is annealed in a kiln after fabrication and this adds strength to the piece and makes some of the colors more vibrant.