Custom Soy Candle

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These handblown glass candleholders have beautiful colors on the outside and are fumed with 24 Karat gold on the inside and are filled with soy based wax which gives off no toxic fumes as it burns. Soy wax burns at about half the rate of parafin, so your candle lasts twice as long. The gold fuming creates the look of a gold mirror until the lit candle burns down a bit and the light is diffused. Then irridescent colors from deep purple to magenta to pink or bronze may appear.

Small: approximately 2- 1//2" tall and 2 -3/4" in diameter, $30.00 each
Medium: approximately 3-1/4" tall and 3 -1/4" in diameter, $33.00 each
Large: approximately 3 -1/2" tall and 3 -1/2" in diameter, $38.00 each
Jumbo: approximately 4" tall and 4" in diameter, $44.00 each


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